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  • Flour Tortillas

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    Our flour tortillas are made with the finest ingredients and state of the art equipment.

    Flour tortilla process:

    1. We receive flour in bulk where it fills a mixer along with other ingredients.
    2. Once the dough is mixed it’s taken to a rounder that uses a drum system to make smaller individual dough balls to a specific weight.
    3. The dough ball goes through a 3 minute proofer allowing the ingredients to react.
    4. Then the individual dough balls are machine placed onto a cover where they’re pressed by 2 hot plates.
    5. Once pressed, the tortillas are fed through a 3 tiered rolling slat griddle oven where they’re baked.
    6. The newly baked tortillas go through a cooling conveyor, counted, stacked, bagged, boxed and ready to ship.

    Product Variations:

    • Sizes:

    • 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″
    • White (white enriched bleached flour)

    • Applications:

    • Soft Tacos
    • Burritos
    • Taco Salad Bowl
    • Wraps
    • Sopapillas