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  • Corn Tortillas

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    Our corn tortilla products are manufactured daily to provide the freshest product possible.

    Our Process:

    Whole Corn Tortillas

    1. Whole kernel corn is received and stored in silo’s on premise
    2. Cooking vats are filled with corn, water, and lime (calcium hydroxide)
    3. Cooked for approximately 1 hour and steeped for a minimum of 8 hours
    4. Corn sent to grinder where 2 volcanic stones grind the corn into “masa”
    5. Masa is fed into a sheeter head that flattens AND cuts the dough into circles and fed into a 3 tiered oven/moving flat griddle for baking.
    6. Tortillas are cooled, counted, packed, boxed and ready to ship

    Pre-Fried Tortilla Chips

    1. Whole tortillas are placed in bread trays for cooling
    2. Are cut into 4’s or 6’s and flow through a metal detector
    3. Tumbled for separation to avoid clumps
    4. Bagged and Weighed
    5. Check-weighed a second time
    6. Boxed and ready to ship

    Variations of corn tortilla products:

    Whole Corn Tortillas

    • Applications:
    • For chips, enchiladas, and soft tacos

    Pre-Cut “Raw/Unfried” Tortilla Chips: Our most popular item. This product is conveniently cut for our customers, ready to fry!!

    • Applications:
    • Tortilla chips for table serving


    • Yellow and White; made from yellow and white whole kernel corn
    • Red and Blue; vegetable food coloring is added